:: CME Recognition Awards
CME Recognition Awards
November 1, 2006

The Association of Emergency Physicians (AEP) is pleased to offer emergency medicine continuing medical education (CME) recognition awards.

Why are we doing this? There are many practicing, "in the trenches", emergency physicians who strive to remain current and up-to-date in an effort to practice high quality emergency medicine. Many of these physicians devote a lot of time, energy, and finances into continuing emergency medical education. Most state licensing boards require 50 hours of CME annually. Even specialty boards of certification require a specific number of hours of prescribed CME primarily related to that specialty. Most of us obtain more CME hours than either of these require. Hence, much of a physician's "hard work" to keep their emergency medical knowledge fresh and current goes unrecognized.

Example: A residency-trained, board certified family physician now practices full-time emergency medicine. He/She intends to maintain his/her family medicine boards, and therefore has to meet the requirements set forth for continuous certification, family medicine CME requirements (much of which does apply to emergency medicine), and the recertification exam process. However, this EP also devotes a good amount of time, energy, and finances specifically for emergency medicine CME. This may include:

  • Advanced Life Support Courses: ACLS; PALS and/or APLS; ATLS, AHLS
  • Emergency Medicine Comprehensive (Board Review) Courses
  • Emergency Medicine Update Courses
  • Airway courses
  • High-Risk Emergency Medicine Courses
  • EM LLSA courses (even though not necessarily ABEM certified, but wanting to keep current and in stride with those EPs --- despite not being allowed to take their exam)
  • Audio-Digest Emergency Medicine -or- EM:RAP or other audio courses
  • …etc, etc, etc…….

For the EP in the above example, much of his/her additional CME goes almost unnoticed or unrecognized. AAFP and ABFM may recognize his/her CME hours, but does not distinguish them as emergency medicine related. Neither of these organizations offers any special recognition for that FP practicing full-time EM. And neither of these organizations is considering developing a CAQ (certificate of additional qualifications) in emergency medicine for board certified FPs (too much of a political hotbed item for them). [AEP does offer such a "CAQ" --- AEP Fellowship.]

ACEP only allows physicians who have completed an EM-residency and/or who are ABEM or AOBEM certified to join their organization as of January 1, 2000. Even those "Legacy Physicians" (as ACEP calls those of us who have been practicing emergency medicine prior to January 1, 2000) who are non-EM-residency trained, non-ABEM/AOBEM members of ACEP receive no special recognition for their hard work, but rather are looked upon as "lesser docs". AAEM believes only EM-residency trained, ABEM/AOBEM certified docs should be working in EDs (despite no data to support this; and despite manpower data and the IOM Report which indicates otherwise); and they purpose and work to promote that myth.

The Association of Emergency Physicians (AEP) believes that the "hard work" that "in the trenches" emergency physicians put in, including those additional CME hours, should indeed be recognized and brought to the attention of hospital administrations and credentialing bodies, EP employment organizations, local communities, and others.

Many of these devoted EPs who practice high quality, compassionate emergency medicine actually obtain significantly more EM-related CME than their EM-residency trained, ABEM/AOBEM certified colleagues.

AEP has developed a series or range of EM CME Recognition Awards available to AEP members. Details of these awards are on the following pages. Not only do we want to recognize your hard work, but we want to inform others of your hard work. Thus, in addition to recognizing your accomplishments with recognition awards, we would like to send a letter with information about your achievements to those who should know and care about your efforts.

Please review the following pages. We encourage you to apply for the highest CME Recognition Award that you qualify for --- and then apply again in years to come as you continue to accumulate EM-related CME hours. We realize that EM CME is not a one-time thing, but a continuous effort by a devoted EP. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Thank you for your interest, your hard work, your provision of quality and compassionate emergency medical care, and for allowing AEP to work for you!

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