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AEP Leadership

Current Board of Directors and Officers
Jim Hayes, MD, FAAFP - President
Ellyn Meshel, MD, FAEP - Chairman of the Board
Jeff Bates, MD, MS - Vice-President
Gary Klein, MD, MPH, MBA, CHS-V and Associate Editor-In-Chief of
     Emergency Medicine Magazine( - Member
Darryll Barksdale, DO, FAEP, MS - Member
Jamie Felberg, MD - Member
Steve Henson, MD - Member
Ramachandran Madhavan, MD - Member
Otto Marquez, MD - Member
H. Kyle Sheets, MD - Member
Janis Deitch, MLS 
Committees and Chairs
  • Executive Committee: Ellyn Meshel, Jim Hayes, Jeff Bates, Jan Deitch
  • Bylaws Committee: Executive Committee
  • Certifications Committee: Ellyn Meshel, Jim Hayes, Jeff Bates
  • Electronic Media Committee (including web site): Jan Deitch, Mnason Misko
  • Education Committee: Ellyn Meshel, Jeff Bates
AEP Journal Editorial Staff
Gregory Neyman
Jan Deitch
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