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AEP Fellowship
  The AEP Certifications Committee has revised the criteria for AEP Fellowship, and these were approved by the AEP Board of Directors during the spring 2005 Board of Directors teleconference. The intent is that the revisions will enhance the value of this recognition and credential for those who hold it.
  The decision was made to not require renewal of Fellowship status for those who have attained it and who remain active members of AEP in good standing. However, Fellows who do not maintain their active membership (of lifetime membership) for whatever reason will also forfeit their fellowship status. If those physicians want to regain their AEP Fellow status again, they must first renew their membership in AEP or become a lifetime member of AEP and reapply for Fellowship status. (This includes completing the proper application with supporting documentation, and submitting this, along with the designated fees, to the AEP Office for consideration by the Certifications Committee and the AEP Board of Directors.)
  The AEP Certifications Committee is now accepting applications for the recognition of AEP Fellow. The criteria are listed on the attached pages, which also serve as a printable application. Please complete the application thoroughly and legibly and submit with the required and requested supporting information, along with the designated fee, to:
AEP Certifications Committee
c/o Jan Deitch, Executive Director
911 Whitewater Dr.
Mars, PA 16046-4221

Download: AEP Fellowship Application (.pdf)

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