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Membership Profile

AEP currently has members that practice in 45 different States in the USA, as well as members in Canada and several other countries.

AEP is in the process of developing regional and/or state chapters. More about this will appear in mailings and on the web site as development proceeds.
     [If you would like to be involved with this process, please contact the AEP Office.]

Presented here are the most recent available information and data regarding membership make-up of AEP.

  • Types of EM practices:
    ~37% contracted with third party group
    ~35% are in a hospital based group
    ~19% are hospital employees
    ~8.7% have a fee for service practice
  • Position of members:
    ~68% are staff physicians
    ~23% are Medical Directors
    ~9% are Assistant Directors
  • AEP Member EM practices are distributed in areas of varying population sizes, ranging from ~14.2% in cities of 1,000,000 or more to ~4.2% in rural areas.
  • Emergency Medicine is taught to residents by ~31% of AEP members surveyed. Most of this group (~68%) hold the academic appointment/title of Instructor and ~28.7% more are Assistant Professors.
  • Members have practiced emergency medicine ranging from <1 to over 15 years, with an average of ~9 years.
  • A majority of AEP members have completed a residency (~65%), with approximately 43% of these being in family medicine and 43% in internal medicine. The fields in which respondents completed their internships were internal medicine (~30%), family medicine (~27%), transitional/rotating (~25%), and surgery (~14%).
  • A fellowship was completed by ~6%, usually in a emergency medicine, surgical specialty, general surgery, or cardiology.
  • Roughly 8% of AEP members are ABEM certified.
  • About half (~51%) are board certified by ABMS in a specialty other than emergency medicine (ABEM). Most of this group are certified by ABFP (family practice --- ~51%) or ABIM (internal medicine --- ~39%).
  • Nine out of ten members (89.7%) currently practice emergency medicine full-time, and the remaining (10.3%) do so part-time.
  • For nearly all members responding (~98.2%), their practice setting is a hospital based emergency department.
  • Members treat an average of 32-33 patients in a typical ED shift. On average, respondents devote ~51 hours per week to their practice, with ~41 hours being devoted to direct patient care.
  • Information regarding emergency medicine board certification through AAPS / BCEM is not currently available. Future survey data will include this information.
  • Current information on gender of membership is not yet available (ie, M/F ratio).
  • Average age of members is in mid 40’s.
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