:: Vision and Mission Statements
Vision and Mission Statements


"An emergency physician is a physician who dedicates his or her career to the care of patients in emergency departments throughout the US and internationally".

AEP Vision Statement-
The Association of Emergency Physicians’ vision is to represent all practitioners of Emergency Medicine independent of economics, politics, geographic location, or training background. In essence, AEP exists to represent the “in the trenches” emergency physicians. AEP will always be focused on the issues of fairness, equity, and quality patient care. AEP will remain a democratic organization responsive to “the hands that touch the patients”. AEP will strive to improve and expand the horizons of Emergency Medical Care.

AEP Mission Statements-
The Association of Emergency Physicians (AEP) represents All Emergency Physicians from across the United States and internationally who are interested in continually improving the quality of emergency care for their patients, with a special emphasis on rural and underserved communities.

The Goals of AEP are:

  1. To promote the general welfare of Emergency Medicine and to improve the quality of emergency patient care.
  2. To promote freedom from unjust, unfair, or unlawful discrimination in the practice of emergency medicine.
  3. To represent and address the issues and concerns of the membership.
  4. To be the most cost-effective organization offering educational and professional development programs in our specialty.
  5. To collect information and provide a forum for open, uncensored, and meaningful communication concerning the quality of Emergency Medicine.

AEP Values Statement-
The Association of Emergency Physicians declares that we, as an organization, individually and collectively, value individual human life. Our membership holds as an ethical ideal that we should treat one another as we would like to be treated, as patients or as colleagues and professionals in Emergency Medicine.

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